Hacker Kitchens

About Hacker

Häcker modern products are at the cutting edge of German engineering and are crafted with your comfort in mind.With over 2500 trading partners around the world, Häcker is globally recognized as a guarantee of quality, style, and functionality.

It is the largest independently owned kitchen manufacturer in Germany.Since 1898, when Hermann Häcker opened up a carpenter’s workshop in a small town in Germany, Häcker has become the foremost name in luxury kitchen design.

Lovett & Sons

Our Philosophy

The kitchen is the heart of every home and must be treated as such. A kitchen must be strong, functional, beautiful, and full of life, which means requirements are high. It must be hard-wearing and long-lasting, and it must continue functioning smoothly after many years of use.

Our close attention to detail combined with the sophisticated appearance and excellent quality of our products helps us meet your needs.

From importing and installing all materials to helping you craft a customized design, our world-class team will ensure the process of creating your kitchen is seamless.

Green Initiative

At Häcker, we understand our responsibility for the environment and future generations. That’s why we seek to
minimise environmental pollution and improve environmental protection.

Our environmental management system, focusing on energy efficiency, sustainable waste disposal, and emission reduction, has been certified since 2009.